Jim’s Cheating Slut Wife

Posted Monday, April 30th, 2012
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Jim looked around his office, and checked the clock. He gave a slight nod of approval and looked down at his systems, very few people were in the building, and no one would likely need any help from their local IT anytime in the future. He smiled and reached into one of his laptop bags, one he brought specifically from home, and set it up on his desk. His cell connected into a port on the side, and provided him high-speed access over his cellular network. He took a deep breath, logged in, and set up the secure connection to his house, and the security system set up there.

Immediately he saw his house in a bank of a dozen camera views, all of them hidden from anyone that looked for them, unless they knew exactly where to look. He was IT, and security, so he knew how to hide a camera. He had them outside his home and in, so that almost every room had some level of coverage, from the garage, to the master bathroom. Only a couple of rooms did not have coverage, his kids had their privacy in their rooms, and in their bathroom. That’s not what he cared about though, instead, he looked from camera to camera, until movement in one caught his eye. A touch on the keyboard enlarged the screen, so he ended with a  screen of his lovely wife, in a light sundress, chatting with someone in their kitchen. He could turn on the sound, but there was no need, it was obvious to him what they were discussing, especially since every chance she got she leaned over and gave her male companion a flash at her luscious tits beneath the thin fabric. No doubt she was complaining that he was never home, that he cared for her kids, but not for her…the usual line whenever she brought home an afternoon fuck, he had seen and heard it many times before, after he found out the first time.

He remembers the first time, as cliché as it was. He spent six months on a project that kept him away from home, and he wanted to celebrate it being over by surprising his wife at home. She always got back from work early so she could pick up their kids, and he wanted to share and celebrate with her. When he got home that day, he noticed her car in the driveway, the first sign something was odd, because she never parked outside the garage. When he walked into the front door he noticed her shoes tossed next to the door, and a couple of steps further, the light, powder blue panties she loved wearing laying on the first step of the stairs.

He knew what was going on, how could he not by then? His security instincts told him to be quiet though, so he walked to the upper floor as stealthily as he could, and was rewarded by the sounds of pants and moans as they came from the upstairs bedroom. He snuck to their bedroom, the bedroom where he and his wife consummated their wedding, the place where he tried to expand his sexual horizons, where she told him he was the best, and came with him. Instead, when he peeked inside, he saw his lovely, buxom, red-haired, sexy as hell wife, on her stomach, ass raised in the air while a man he never saw slid his cock in and out of her soaking wet cunt.

Almost instantly he saw that the intruder was bigger than he was, and wasn’t shy about using it, he drove down into Jim’s wife like a piston, and on each down stroke she gasped and arched her back up to meet him.  She buried her face in her pillow while his toned body slapped into her voluptuous one, and his tan skin slide across her pale, freckled one. She splayed her legs wide, and had one hand furiously rubbed between her thighs, her pussy drooled wetness and her fingertips rubbed it all over her clit.

Jim thought he would be furious, but instead he was rock hard. He never thought he would get off on seeing someone fuck his wife, but the sight of such a prime male driving his cock into her swollen red pussy was totally arousing to him. The first time was too short though, they were obviously nearly done when he first arrived, because only a couple of minutes later the man grunted and thrust fully into his wife’s hot body. He held her head down while he pumped a few more short times, and then withdrew. Jim saw the stream of mixed cum spill out of her sex, and could barely keep his hand off his cock.

Instead, he snuck away, out of the house, and parked his car down the street while he watched his house. Before too long he saw her walk out to the car, pull out enough so that another car could leave the garage, (no doubt to prevent neighbors from talking about another car pulled up front for so long) and then park back in the garage again. Then Jim reenacted his original plan from earlier, with a little change. He ‘arrived’ home early, caught his wife in a big hug and kiss, and toasted with champagne to the completed project. Then he fucked her harder than he ever fucked her before, he pulled her hair, slapped her ass, drove her into the bed, and sunk his cock into that dirty cunt he just knew she had filled by a complete stranger not more than an hour before.

After the first time, he knew what he had to do. He called a friend of his and got a deal on a wireless security system for his house. He linked it up to a hard drive that he could store hours of footage on, and set it up with a private IP he kept secured and encrypted to one connection, from one laptop he always brought with him to work.

Over the months, he caught her bringing home a variety of men, and sometimes even women, and couples. She always played the ‘abandoned wife’ card at first, but many of her partners became regulars, and they came by always in that gap between when she returned from work, and when she left to pick up the kids. He saw her as a dirty slut he never knew she was, as she got fucked in every hole, shared, passed around to cock after cock, and stuck her tongue in other women’s pussies, and asses. He even found out about a ‘secret’ stash of toys she kept, so she could fuck other women with a strapon or feeldoe, or feel them railing her.

When he watched, he ended up fascinated by his cheating, slutty wife. She obviously never got tired of the sex, because each time he watched her he ended up so turned on that he had to rush home so he could feel his dick inside her still-tight pussy. She was as into it with him as she was with any of her other partners, so he could only imagine that his own little wife was just a hot, sexy, sex-starved slut that could never get enough.

This time she had a new guy in their kitchen, and he didn’t take too much convincing before he succumbed to her charms. Jim thought it might have been one of the neighbors down the street, but he couldn’t be sure. All he knew is that she wrapped her lips around his medium sized cock and bent over, sucking him enthusiastically while she bent over and thrust her ass high into the air. The camera was set perfectly, he could see her pantiless pussy as her lips glided up and down on the stranger’s cock. His own cock was rock hard as well, and with one more glance at the monitors to make sure no one was approaching, he freed his own length from his pants and stroked himself in time with his wife’s motions on screen.

The neighbor was apparently not as ‘practiced’ as his wife, because Jim soon saw him grab the back of her hair and thrust up quickly into her mouth, no doubt letting her suck down his load. A drop of cum escaped, confirming his guess. She stood up and without any hesitation put him to work. She propped one leg on the chair in front of the guest, and stuck her pussy right into his face, giving him a not-so-subtle clue that his tongue should get busy. Jim smiled at that, he knew how tasty his wife’s pussy could get, and with this show he couldn’t wait for his chance to taste her. He watched the guy’s clumsy attempts at eating out his wife for a while, before Jim looked at the clock again. He grimaced as he noticed he let the time get away from him again, and painfully tucked his hard cock back into his pants. A couple of button presses, and the laptop shut down and disappeared into the bag again. Jim walked out of work with a huge tent lifting his pants, but he didn’t care, he knew what he was going to do with it, soon enough.

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Sexy Milf Pam gets Laid

Posted Thursday, February 9th, 2012
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I’m 26 and across the hall from me lives a 53 year old woman. Her name is Pam & she lives alone after divorcing her husband 4 years ago. We met for the first time when I was leaving my apartment about 3 weeks ago, we just had a chat about what the rest of the neighbors on our floor are like. Seen her a few times as I come and go.

Now Pam is about 5ft 9, short blond hair, I wouldn’t say she was fat or over weight but she is very curvaceous. Her breasts are naturally big and frankly the size of water melons! I have found it hard not to look when we’ve chatted.

Saturday night just gone I was walking into my building when I bumped into Pam. She was getting out a cab with shopping as I was getting to the door. I offered to take a few bags and help her out. On the way up the elevator we just exchanged the usual things “how are you? You had a busy day?” and so on. I helped her take her shopping into her kitchen and we continued to gab. She just asked me If was settled in yet I said “yes, I was happy that I’ve now finished all my decorating!” we went on a bit more and she asked me “If I was going out tonight?” I said “no, I’m just going to chill with a couple of drinks tonight” she replied with “Same here, just going to be in on my own” I did give this a little bit of thought but thought hell with it… “Would you like to come across and see what I’ve done with the place, have a drink if you like?” Just give me an hour to get some food and I’ll pop round and see how good your decorating skills are!”

About 90 minutes when by & then Pam knocked on my door. She handed me a bottle of red wine and said “that’s a late moving in gift” I laughed, said “thank you” and gave her the tour of my place. We ended up sitting off on my couch just gabbing away before I knew it we had gone through my last 10 bottles of beer and Pam told me to open the wine. I was feeling tipsy and I knew she was too. She began to tell me about her ex-husband and how he used to beat her and how lonely she gets every now and again… now this next part was completely out the blue for a subject change “So how many girls have you had back here yet? I laughed a bit and said “sadly none yet” she called me a liar and said she’d seen 3 different girls go into my apartment. I told her the truth that they were just friends nothing more. We now began to talk about our sex lives and she told me how she used to have the sexiest figure that drove her husband’s friends wild when she flirted. I ended up saying without thinking that she still has an amazing figure. It’s all too true but I thought I may have over stepped my boundaries. She told me to “stop lying” I then went on to say in a bit of a rant “I’m not, everything about you screams sex appeal. The next thing I know she has leaned over and forced her mouth to mine. Her hand began to rub my cock threw my jeans and I ran my hand up her dress. Without saying anything she came away from me, smiled and began to unzip my fly. I stood up and she got on her knees in front of me and pulled my jeans down. My rock hard cock flicked up as my boxes slipped down and she took my cock in her mouth. She sucked and used her teeth to bite down gently on my bull head and wow the sensation was overwhelming I had to sit back down. She continued to suck my cock as I sat there in awe of her looking at me as she did it and the amazing sensation of her warm mouth around my cock.

She stood up, slipped off her shoes and removed her dress in front of me. I stood and removed my T-shirt and we began to kiss naked in the middle of my living room. I could feel her pussy against my cock and I wanted it. I took her hand and led her into my bedroom. She sat on the end of my bed and laid back. I got down on my knees and began to kiss her legs working my way up slowly from until my nose was brushing against her pussy. I began to kiss and lick her clit. She lifted her legs and put them over my shoulders as she lay there. She placed her hands on my head and began to grip my hair. Her pussy was amazing. She kept her bush trimmed and I could taste her juices flowing she was so wet. She was moaning and said “It’s been years since I’ve been touched like this. Fuck me.”. We climbed further onto the bed . Her hand grabbed my cock and put it inside her cunt. I began to fuck her slowly, her juices were soaking my cock and my bed. I began to suck on her left tit and play with her right nipple with my other hand as we fucked. I came up and we locked lips again. Her arms around me and mine around her I started to fuck her faster and harder. Her moaning got louder as my cock fucked her dripping pussy.

I pulled out and pulled her back to the edge of my bed. She turned bent over for me putting her ass in the air. I slid my cock back into her pussy and began to fuck her again. I remember her putting her head into my pillow and moaning as I fucked. “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming,” she said, I pulled out and she turned over on her back. She squirted all over herself and my bed and pretty much howled as she did. I got back on top and we kissed again. My cock still hard as I’d not come yet we lay for a little while talking and kissing about how naughty we are and that she’s more than half my age but she is happy its happened and wants it to happen again. I said I do as well… we began to have sex again.

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Losing My Virginity

Posted Friday, January 27th, 2012

Mark came down for the weekend a few years ago, when I was 18 and Mark was about 40. I had just started “blossoming”, I guess you could call it. My tits had grown from a 34A to 34C in just a few months, and I could tell Mark couldn’t help staring at them all through dinner and while he and daddy played poker that night. He and daddy were drinking a lot, and when everybody was ready to go to bed he was pretty drunk.

I fell asleep pretty quickly that night. I don’t know how long I was out, but when I woke up there were hands on my tits. I wasn’t sure what was happening at first, so I pretended to be asleep. After a few moments I peeked my eyes open and saw that it was Mark! I was a little scared, but I could also feel my pussy starting to get wet–Mark was feeling my nipples through my t-shirt, and it felt really good. Nobody had ever played with my tits before! I couldn’t help it I moaned a little as he slid his hand up my shirt so that his skin was against my skin. His hand was so warm, and his fingers pinched one nipple, and then the next, and then squeezed each of my breasts before playing with my nipples again. My pussy had never been so wet!

Involuntarily, I moaned again. He took his hand out from under my shirt, and I opened my eyes to see why…I really loved him playing with me, so much that I felt like I could cum just from that! I opened my eyes just enough to see why he stopped, and I saw him undoing the button on his jeans and his zipper. He pulled off his pants and I could see how hard he was through his boxers, and it made my pussy ache even more. I had never seen a dick in real life before, and I held my breath a little as he took off his boxers.

As soon as his cock was free I opened my eyes a little wider to take it all in. It was so hard and long, and suddenly I really wanted to touch it. My panties were soaking wet by then, and all I could think about was taking it in my hands or even putting it in my mouth…

Mark started pushing my shirt up, exposing my tits. My breathing was getting jagged, but I tried to keep it under control as best I could because I wanted him to think I was still sleeping. He bent over me, and flicked his tongue out over my left nipple and then began to suck on it. His wet mouth felt so good, his tongue swirling around my hard little nipple like that…and as he moved over to start sucking on my right tit his cock pressed against my leg.

This time I couldn’t fool him. I gasped loudly and arched my back, trying to press my chest against his mouth harder. He stood up and as I sat up I realized he looked afraid that I might yell or something. I put my finger to my lips and then motioned for him to come closer.

“I won’t tell daddy, Mark…”

Mark cautiously stepped forward, and I could tell he was still drunk. I pushed myself up a little on the bed, my tits still exposed to him.

“I swear I won’t tell,” I whispered.
He still seemed a little unsure, like he was having second thoughts. I took off my shirt and started rubbing my tits for him, pressing them together and I even pinched my nipples. Mark moaned and his hand reached for his dick, wrapping around it and stroking it. As I watched him and played with my breasts I could feel my wet pussy soaking my panties. I wanted it so bad!

Mark came up to the bed and I didn’t waste any time. I reached up and feathered my fingers over his cock. It felt harder than I expected somehow, but was still soft and smooth. He shivered as I wrapped my fingers around him gently, and I started stroking his dick from base to tip.

He sat down on the bed next to me and I slid off it, kneeling between his legs as my hand continued to work him. My second hand joined the first, and I stroked his cock for a few minutes, loving the way he moaned as I touched him.

I had never sucked a cock before, and wasn’t sure how to start, but I knew that I really wanted to. Mark wanted me to suck him too, because he started reaching for my hair and guiding my mouth towards the tip of his dick. I started with a kiss, but then I parted my lips and allowed him to push me down on him. His cock tasted so good, sweet and a little salty. I let my tongue glide along the underside of his shaft as I made my way up and down his dick. When I got to the tip I sucked the head of his cock, which made him moan for me and made me feel proud of myself.

After about five minutes he started to breathe heavily and told me to stop because he didn’t want to come yet. He asked me to stand up for him, so I did. I took of the rest of my clothing when he asked, and he masturbated while I stripped for him.

I stepped closer to Mark, and he reached out and hooked his fingers downward to touch my pussy. He said he couldn’t believe how wet I was, and then he slid two fingers inside me. His fingers were thick and it was a tight fit, but it felt so fucking good especially as he began to pump his fingers in and out of me as his thumb played with my clit. I wrapped my arms around him and his teeth nipped at my nipples, and it wasn’t long until I felt my pussy tighten around his digits and I squealed for him. My legs felt weak as I came, but he kept fingering me until I sat on his thigh, straddling it.

Mark told me to sit on his cock. Even though I wanted him to fuck me so bad, I was a little nervous. I’ve never done anything like this, and was afraid it would hurt because some of my friends said it did. But his fingers felt so good that I didn’t care. I stood up and positioned myself over his dick. He held it steady as I eased myself onto it. I whimpered a little, and he told me to stop a few times so my pussy could adjust to how big his dick was, but it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would. Within a minute or so I had his whole cock inside me, and it felt so amazing I thought I would cum again right then and there!

Soon he was pushing me up and down his dick harder and faster. I could hear his cock slamming into me and his balls slapping against my wet pussy, and every time his cock pumped into me I moaned for him. Mark reached down between us and flicked his thumb over my clit again, and soon after that I came around his dick, my pussy pulsing around him hard and fast. I muffled my moans against his shoulder, because the last thing I wanted was daddy hearing us!

As I came a second time for Mark, his breathing got real heavy again and I knew he was going to come soon. I clenched my pussy around him and called him Daddy, and that’s when I felt his hot come shooting into me, deep into my pussy. He forced my hips down and kept me still as he emptied himself into my tight little pussy, and I moaned for him the whole time as I bit into his shoulder.

Mark got dressed soon afterwards, and before he left he kissed my cheek and said we should play again sometime.

I always looked forward to his visits, after that.

Public Gangbang

Posted Saturday, January 7th, 2012
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Jay and I have never had trouble keeping things good in the bedroom. We still have an insane attraction to each other and the sex is always satisfying. Even so, we still like to switch things up a bit :) Yeah, we’ve tried new positions, places and toys but tonight we were interested in trying something (or someone) else. We decided on a classic pick up place -the bar :) I wore a short little skirt with a low cut top and no panties. This would be easy :)

We were heading out of town on a back road when we came across a large custom designed bus on the side of the road. jay pulled aside and we got out of the car to see if everything was okay. The young man who had been standing near the bus ran over to us and we asked if he needed any help. The man said “Yeah, the bus is broken down and my phone is dead. Do you have one I could use?”, smiling broadly, I told him I had one in my purse in the back seat of our car. Pretending not to be able to reach my purse, I bent over the back seat to get it and give the man a full view of my naked pussy and ass under the short skirt at the same time. I turned around, smiled at jay and handed the guy my phone. He spoke briefly with the towing people and then said “Looks like it will be a couple hours before they can get a wrecker big enough to tow this beast in. If you have time, you are welcome to come on the bus and hang out while we wait.” Leading jay & I up the steps of the bus, the man opened a door behind the driver’s compartment to reveal 4 very sexy men! The man introduced the 4 men, who were apparently in a band, traveling around on their first music tour. He then said to jay, “If it’s alright with you, we’d like to thank your lady properly for helping us out today” Of course, jay didn’t mind, he just wanted to watch :) . Gasping, I felt 5 pairs of hands immediately caressing my body and sliding the short skirt from my hips. As the men undressed themselves, I assessed them. All their cocks were long and very thick. Grabbing the closest man, I pulled him toward me and sucked his huge, erect cock into my mouth. I glanced over, jay really seemed to like watching me suck this big cock!

He was leaned back and just smiling :) I felt myself being lifted from the ground and still holding the cock in my mouth, I was turned onto my back. As I was being held in mid air, hands separated my legs and with one motion, my wet pussy was filled with a big, hard cock. The impact pushed my mouth yet farther onto the cock filling my mouth and shoved it nearly into my throat. Skewered between the two, I could only attempt to squeal in pleasure as the men fell into a rhythm that pulled both cocks out of me then back into my hot, wet pussy and mouth simultaneously. As my body shook in sudden orgasm, the cock filling my mouth moved and I heard the man groan as he pushed deep into me and filled my throat with pulse after pulse of hot cum. Gulping furiously, I felt the cock pulled from my mouth and I was suddenly lifted upright, being totally impaled by the cock in my pussy.

The man sat on a low table with my knees on each side of his hips. I started riding him good and then I felt another set of hands on my ass. For a second, I thought this other man was going to try to fuck my ass, so I stopped moving. Instead, a huge cock head shoved into my already filled pussy. As my mouth opened in a scream of pain and pleasure at the feel of two huge cocks fucking my pussy at the same time, a cock filled my mouth again and I could only groan around it. I looked over at jay again and saw him naked now with a very erect cock. Hmm. Was he going to come fuck me too? I could feel a huge orgasm building up and I ground my hips back against the two men fucking my pussy as I sucked harder on the cock fucking my mouth. Looking at jay again, I noticed a blonde girl about my size bent down in front of him, taking his cock in her mouth! Sexy! It was now my orgasm hit. The men pumped faster and began to orgasm themselves, and I felt their huge loads of hot, sticky cum all over my titties, mouth and ass almost in slow motion. Barely able to focus my vision now, I felt myself being rolled onto my back on the table and felt a hot mouth envelope my pussy and a long, sinuous tongue slide into my wet slit. Finally looking downward, I saw the woman who had been sucking jays cock, naked, kneeling between my legs. Licking and sucking my clit as she finger fucked my pussy too, She soon had me cumming again. As she pulled her fingers from my spasming pussy , she moaned, “now she’s ready for more..”, and the men took over again with cock after cock filling my wet pussy and open mouth. 2 or 3 at a time, they all fucked me. Cum dripped all over me and the woman kept coming over and using her tongue to clean every drop off of me while I lay on the table and the men watched.


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Live-in Threesome

Posted Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Freddie slipped in the door, trying not to let her keys jangle too loudly in the darkness of the early morning. Slipping off her high heels, she darted into the lower bathroom, intent on cleaning off any marks that had been left from her evening out with “the ladies.” One lady, actually. She’d been seeing Linda on the sly for the past three months, and had been increasingly desperate to keep this part of herself and her life from her husband.

He’d been casual about her bisexuality when they met, but hadn’t ever seemed to really understand what it meant to want the lush curves and emotional complexity in turns with the socially acceptable simplicity of hard planes and coddling. She’d slowly stopped dating other people as they got more serious about each other, but since their marriage her longing for the touch of a woman had been steadily increasing until she’d broken down one night and gone out on the prowl.

Telling her husband that she was having girl’s night out wasn’t too far from the truth, and it kept him amused and meant she didn’t have to invent too many details, just be vague and come home drunk and horny. He seemed to get off on the thought of her being part of a pack of women, showing off and flirting with a bunch of young studs, only to come home worked up and ready for his touch. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to tell him the truth, more that she didn’t think he would respond well, and she liked having something that was just hers and not “theirs” for the moment.
She’d had to try to find new hunting grounds, because all her old friends would have been there and gone straight to her husband with tales of whatever shenanigans she got into, so she started by driving two towns over and lurking in the back of the only gay bar, just getting a feel for the place. She was back the next week, and the next, until one day she’d walked in and seen Catherine standing at the bar with a group of friends, and it had been lust at first sight.

While Freddie was lean and a bit lanky, with medium-length brown hair to go with her active lifestyle, Catherine was curvy and lush and had the kindest green eyes she’d ever seen, especially in a bar at 1am on a Saturday morning. Freddie had come out of her corner to chat, and the two had hit it off remarkably well. They met up again the next week, and ended up making out in Freddie’s car after nearly getting down to business in the alley behind the smoking section. Nearly three months later they were seeing each other for a quickie at lunch at least twice a week, in addition to their one evening out a week.

Freddie’s husband had been getting a bit quiet lately, and it was possible that she’d been a bit more careless than she should have been, but she’d been getting away with it for three months and had probably started getting a bit complacent.

Dropping her high heels at the bottom of the stairs, Freddie made her way up to the bedroom, where she quickly undressed before sliding the door open and tiptoeing across the carpet to her side of the bed. Just as she pulled back the duvet to catch a few hours of sleep, the light on her husband’s side of the bed clicked on. Freddie froze, then stood up again and let the covers drop limply back onto the bed.
“What’s his name?” asked her husband.
“Huh?” stammered Freddie. “Whose name? What are you talking about?”
Her husband sighed tiredly. “I’m talking about the guy you’ve been seeing behind my back for the last month. You started taking a lot of showers, and your friends called to ask if you wanted to come out for drinks because they hadn’t seen you in ages, so I put two and two together. I’m not angry, just disappointed that you kept it from me.”
“Oh!” exclaimed Freddie in surprise. “Um…what if I told you it wasn’t a guy and that she means nothing to me?”
He raised an eyebrow, intrigued. “Really? Alright, then what’s HER name?”
“Her name is Catherine, and she’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met, but I wanted to keep her to myself for just a bit more time.”
“Promise that you’ll be honest about it in the future? No more sneaking around?” implored her husband.
“Alright. I’ll bring her to meet you by the end of the month,” Freddie promised.
“Then come here so I can fuck her out of your system for the night,” teased her husband. Freddie chuckled and jumped him, having another good romp before falling asleep wrapped in his arms.

True to her words, Freddie brought Catherine to meet her husband, and all three of them hit it off quite well. Getting drunk on red wine after dinner one night, her husband softly caressed Freddie’s breasts while Catherine watched, then quirked an eyebrow at her, inviting her over to take part. Needing no second invitation, Catherine leapt at the chance, and joined him in worshipping Freddie’s body. Reeling with pleasure, Freddie couldn’t help but ask for it to happen a second time, and a third, until finally it was just easier for Catherine to officially move into the bedroom next to theirs, and sleep every night in their bed.

It was a bit wrenching the first time Catherine and her husband fooled around without her there, but after talking it all through, they decided that their triad was stable enough and important enough that each of them could have individual relationships with the others as well as continuing their group efforts.


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A Night at the Bathhouse

Posted Tuesday, September 21st, 2010
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My wife and I went to a local bath house to relax. We had never experienced going into the community bathing area where it was clothing optional. I had always wondered what kind of reaction my wife would be showing her boobs in public. Her tits look amazing; beautiful DDD cups with nice and hard nips. She thought they hung a little too much but I strongly disagreed with her.

We made a bet on how many men would get a stiff cock looking at them. I guessed 5 and she guessed 1; meaning me! If she won the bet I would have to rub her clit and help her come to climax as she fucked one of the jets in the tub. If I won I told her she would have to give me a hand job in the tub where everyone could see.

We walked into the changing area and both removed our clothing. My wife had just recently shaved her pussy completely bald. I reached down quickly to feel her wet pussy. It made me very excited knowing she was already getting moist.

We both walked out into the community area together, completely naked. The bath house was filled with about 12 people; about 8 were men with the rest being women. I had never been in one room with so many naked boobs in public before. I checked around and noticed all of the women were small breasted. It made my cock stiff knowing my wife had the biggest rack in the place. I noticed everyone look towards us to see who we were.

We looked around and decided to go and sit in one of the tubs towards the back of the house. The tub was empty which sounded good to us. I was dying to feel my wife’s wet pussy some more while being around other people. We slipped into the tub and positioned ourselves near some jets. My wife and I sat and relaxed for a little while just enjoying the peace and quiet.

We both started noticing that some of the men there were walking around checking everyone out. Within the first 15 minutes of being there all 8 guys had walked by our tub to get a closer look at my wife. We noticed each guy was getting a stiff cock as they walked by. My wife looked at me and seemed surprised by all of their reaction. I instantly became hard knowing what was in store for me next.

My wife turned to me with a huge smile on her face. She knew she had lost the bet but had a different idea in store for us. She reached down and began to stroke my hard cock in the water, making waves in the water with her hand movements. She rubbed me for a few moments then told me something that I couldn’t believe. She told me she loved showing her huge boobs in public. She was dying to show them off more. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind but I was up for anything.

My wife stood up in the tub, positioned herself in front of me facing the rest of the room and slid her pussy onto my hard dick. She started fucking my cock nice and slow. Every time her cunt reached the top of my rod she exposed her boobs in public. We both knew the entire room was watching but we didn’t care. I reached around and began to squeeze her tits, rubbing them together for everyone to see. This excited her so much I felt her lips wrap hard around my cock; forcing me to fill her up with hot cum. She couldn’t contain her excitement as she moaned loud enough for the room to hear her enjoyment and of course, bring attention to the fact that she was showing off her boobs in public.

As we left the bath house the man at the front desk handed us a piece of paper as we walked by the counter. It was a coupon for 1 week free admission to the community bath area. We figured he must have enjoyed the show.

My wife had finally shown her boobs in public. Maybe on the next trip to the bath house we will invite someone into the tub with us…


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My First Anal Experience

Posted Saturday, September 18th, 2010
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I’ll never forget the night I met Dara. Dara was a lot of firsts for me. My first older woman (I was 20, she was 27), my first black woman, and my first anal fucking experience.

My friends and I were out on a night on the town because I was headed off to Japan to teach English for a year. We headed out to this new bar that was getting a reputation for being a cougar bar. My friends dared me to see if I could get a genuine cougar but I’d already had my eyes on Dara the second we walked in the door. She was small and petite but with these amazing curves that made me think very dirty thoughts. Her ebony skin made her seem like only a shadow in the dimly lit bar but she had eyes that glowed with desired and lust – something I had never seen on a woman before.

I played it cool at first as I watched her on the dance floor with her friends. She really knew how to move and I was hoping that would carry on later in the night. The sway of her full hips had me hypnotized. I figured she had to come off the floor eventually so I stood near the beer girl and watched for her. When I saw her leave, I quickly paid for a cold one and headed towards her.

I caught her as she reached her table and put the beer in her hands. She eyed me up and down, grabbed my hand, and pulled me out onto the patio. The music was quieter so we began to talk and flirt.

It was only an hour later when we headed back to her downtown condo. Apparently she knew what she wanted and I was it. I had no clue that anal fucking was at the forefront of her mind.

The door was barely closed and we hadn’t even kissed yet before she was taking her clothes off. She pushed me against the wall and had my pants down around my ankles. She began to lick by balls and suck at my cock. I couldn’t believe how fast she got me hard and I’d never felt someone suck me off so well that it made me want to come within minutes.

She stopped just short though and without a word she led me to her room. She wasn’t a talker this woman – she was a do-er. She wasted no time pushing me to the bed, then straddling me. Her cunt was dripping wet and I watched my dick disappear in one swift movement, all the way to the balls, inside her. She rode me nice and slow at first. Then she got faster and faster. She was rubbing her clit like crazy and I thought she was going to cum, but suddenly she stopped.

She turned around so I could see that gorgeous ass and grabbed my dick. I thought she was going to slide it back into her pussy but she just rubbed it over her lips and then aimed it at her puckered little hole. First, just the head of my dick slipped in and I thought, “Holy shit – she’s going to fuck me with her ass!” And she did. Slowly but surely she pushed against my cock and took it all. I could believe that this hot ebony babe was into anal fucking!

It was fucking amazing. Her ass was tighter than anything I’d every felt. I had to concentrate hard on not cumming but I couldn’t help pumping her a little. She was pulling at her nipples and rubbing her clit again. She began riding my cock with her ass fast and she took it deep and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I knew that this anal fucking was NOT her first time! I came deep in her ass and she was right behind me with an orgasm that gripped my tool and sucked every last ounce of energy out of me.

She disappeared into the bathroom and I could hear her cleaning herself up. When she came out she kissed me on the cheek and thanked me. It was like anal fucking was second nature to her.

“Thanks hon. That was great. You fuck pretty good for a white boy. Do you need money for a cab?”



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