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Jim’s Cheating Slut Wife

Posted Monday, April 30th, 2012
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Jim looked around his office, and checked the clock. He gave a slight nod of approval and looked down at his systems, very few people were in the building, and no one would likely need any help from their local IT anytime in the future. He smiled and reached into one of his laptop bags, one he brought specifically from home, and set it up on his desk. His cell connected into a port on the side, and provided him high-speed access over his cellular network. He took a deep breath, logged in, and set up the secure connection to his house, and the security system set up there.

Immediately he saw his house in a bank of a dozen camera views, all of them hidden from anyone that looked for them, unless they knew exactly where to look. He was IT, and security, so he knew how to hide a camera. He had them outside his home and in, so that almost every room had some level of coverage, from the garage, to the master bathroom. Only a couple of rooms did not have coverage, his kids had their privacy in their rooms, and in their bathroom. That’s not what he cared about though, instead, he looked from camera to camera, until movement in one caught his eye. A touch on the keyboard enlarged the screen, so he ended with a  screen of his lovely wife, in a light sundress, chatting with someone in their kitchen. He could turn on the sound, but there was no need, it was obvious to him what they were discussing, especially since every chance she got she leaned over and gave her male companion a flash at her luscious tits beneath the thin fabric. No doubt she was complaining that he was never home, that he cared for her kids, but not for her…the usual line whenever she brought home an afternoon fuck, he had seen and heard it many times before, after he found out the first time.

He remembers the first time, as cliché as it was. He spent six months on a project that kept him away from home, and he wanted to celebrate it being over by surprising his wife at home. She always got back from work early so she could pick up their kids, and he wanted to share and celebrate with her. When he got home that day, he noticed her car in the driveway, the first sign something was odd, because she never parked outside the garage. When he walked into the front door he noticed her shoes tossed next to the door, and a couple of steps further, the light, powder blue panties she loved wearing laying on the first step of the stairs.

He knew what was going on, how could he not by then? His security instincts told him to be quiet though, so he walked to the upper floor as stealthily as he could, and was rewarded by the sounds of pants and moans as they came from the upstairs bedroom. He snuck to their bedroom, the bedroom where he and his wife consummated their wedding, the place where he tried to expand his sexual horizons, where she told him he was the best, and came with him. Instead, when he peeked inside, he saw his lovely, buxom, red-haired, sexy as hell wife, on her stomach, ass raised in the air while a man he never saw slid his cock in and out of her soaking wet cunt.

Almost instantly he saw that the intruder was bigger than he was, and wasn’t shy about using it, he drove down into Jim’s wife like a piston, and on each down stroke she gasped and arched her back up to meet him.  She buried her face in her pillow while his toned body slapped into her voluptuous one, and his tan skin slide across her pale, freckled one. She splayed her legs wide, and had one hand furiously rubbed between her thighs, her pussy drooled wetness and her fingertips rubbed it all over her clit.

Jim thought he would be furious, but instead he was rock hard. He never thought he would get off on seeing someone fuck his wife, but the sight of such a prime male driving his cock into her swollen red pussy was totally arousing to him. The first time was too short though, they were obviously nearly done when he first arrived, because only a couple of minutes later the man grunted and thrust fully into his wife’s hot body. He held her head down while he pumped a few more short times, and then withdrew. Jim saw the stream of mixed cum spill out of her sex, and could barely keep his hand off his cock.

Instead, he snuck away, out of the house, and parked his car down the street while he watched his house. Before too long he saw her walk out to the car, pull out enough so that another car could leave the garage, (no doubt to prevent neighbors from talking about another car pulled up front for so long) and then park back in the garage again. Then Jim reenacted his original plan from earlier, with a little change. He ‘arrived’ home early, caught his wife in a big hug and kiss, and toasted with champagne to the completed project. Then he fucked her harder than he ever fucked her before, he pulled her hair, slapped her ass, drove her into the bed, and sunk his cock into that dirty cunt he just knew she had filled by a complete stranger not more than an hour before.

After the first time, he knew what he had to do. He called a friend of his and got a deal on a wireless security system for his house. He linked it up to a hard drive that he could store hours of footage on, and set it up with a private IP he kept secured and encrypted to one connection, from one laptop he always brought with him to work.

Over the months, he caught her bringing home a variety of men, and sometimes even women, and couples. She always played the ‘abandoned wife’ card at first, but many of her partners became regulars, and they came by always in that gap between when she returned from work, and when she left to pick up the kids. He saw her as a dirty slut he never knew she was, as she got fucked in every hole, shared, passed around to cock after cock, and stuck her tongue in other women’s pussies, and asses. He even found out about a ‘secret’ stash of toys she kept, so she could fuck other women with a strapon or feeldoe, or feel them railing her.

When he watched, he ended up fascinated by his cheating, slutty wife. She obviously never got tired of the sex, because each time he watched her he ended up so turned on that he had to rush home so he could feel his dick inside her still-tight pussy. She was as into it with him as she was with any of her other partners, so he could only imagine that his own little wife was just a hot, sexy, sex-starved slut that could never get enough.

This time she had a new guy in their kitchen, and he didn’t take too much convincing before he succumbed to her charms. Jim thought it might have been one of the neighbors down the street, but he couldn’t be sure. All he knew is that she wrapped her lips around his medium sized cock and bent over, sucking him enthusiastically while she bent over and thrust her ass high into the air. The camera was set perfectly, he could see her pantiless pussy as her lips glided up and down on the stranger’s cock. His own cock was rock hard as well, and with one more glance at the monitors to make sure no one was approaching, he freed his own length from his pants and stroked himself in time with his wife’s motions on screen.

The neighbor was apparently not as ‘practiced’ as his wife, because Jim soon saw him grab the back of her hair and thrust up quickly into her mouth, no doubt letting her suck down his load. A drop of cum escaped, confirming his guess. She stood up and without any hesitation put him to work. She propped one leg on the chair in front of the guest, and stuck her pussy right into his face, giving him a not-so-subtle clue that his tongue should get busy. Jim smiled at that, he knew how tasty his wife’s pussy could get, and with this show he couldn’t wait for his chance to taste her. He watched the guy’s clumsy attempts at eating out his wife for a while, before Jim looked at the clock again. He grimaced as he noticed he let the time get away from him again, and painfully tucked his hard cock back into his pants. A couple of button presses, and the laptop shut down and disappeared into the bag again. Jim walked out of work with a huge tent lifting his pants, but he didn’t care, he knew what he was going to do with it, soon enough.

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