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Losing My Virginity

Posted Friday, January 27th, 2012

Mark came down for the weekend a few years ago, when I was 18 and Mark was about 40. I had just started “blossoming”, I guess you could call it. My tits had grown from a 34A to 34C in just a few months, and I could tell Mark couldn’t help staring at them all through dinner and while he and daddy played poker that night. He and daddy were drinking a lot, and when everybody was ready to go to bed he was pretty drunk.

I fell asleep pretty quickly that night. I don’t know how long I was out, but when I woke up there were hands on my tits. I wasn’t sure what was happening at first, so I pretended to be asleep. After a few moments I peeked my eyes open and saw that it was Mark! I was a little scared, but I could also feel my pussy starting to get wet–Mark was feeling my nipples through my t-shirt, and it felt really good. Nobody had ever played with my tits before! I couldn’t help it I moaned a little as he slid his hand up my shirt so that his skin was against my skin. His hand was so warm, and his fingers pinched one nipple, and then the next, and then squeezed each of my breasts before playing with my nipples again. My pussy had never been so wet!

Involuntarily, I moaned again. He took his hand out from under my shirt, and I opened my eyes to see why…I really loved him playing with me, so much that I felt like I could cum just from that! I opened my eyes just enough to see why he stopped, and I saw him undoing the button on his jeans and his zipper. He pulled off his pants and I could see how hard he was through his boxers, and it made my pussy ache even more. I had never seen a dick in real life before, and I held my breath a little as he took off his boxers.

As soon as his cock was free I opened my eyes a little wider to take it all in. It was so hard and long, and suddenly I really wanted to touch it. My panties were soaking wet by then, and all I could think about was taking it in my hands or even putting it in my mouth…

Mark started pushing my shirt up, exposing my tits. My breathing was getting jagged, but I tried to keep it under control as best I could because I wanted him to think I was still sleeping. He bent over me, and flicked his tongue out over my left nipple and then began to suck on it. His wet mouth felt so good, his tongue swirling around my hard little nipple like that…and as he moved over to start sucking on my right tit his cock pressed against my leg.

This time I couldn’t fool him. I gasped loudly and arched my back, trying to press my chest against his mouth harder. He stood up and as I sat up I realized he looked afraid that I might yell or something. I put my finger to my lips and then motioned for him to come closer.

“I won’t tell daddy, Mark…”

Mark cautiously stepped forward, and I could tell he was still drunk. I pushed myself up a little on the bed, my tits still exposed to him.

“I swear I won’t tell,” I whispered.
He still seemed a little unsure, like he was having second thoughts. I took off my shirt and started rubbing my tits for him, pressing them together and I even pinched my nipples. Mark moaned and his hand reached for his dick, wrapping around it and stroking it. As I watched him and played with my breasts I could feel my wet pussy soaking my panties. I wanted it so bad!

Mark came up to the bed and I didn’t waste any time. I reached up and feathered my fingers over his cock. It felt harder than I expected somehow, but was still soft and smooth. He shivered as I wrapped my fingers around him gently, and I started stroking his dick from base to tip.

He sat down on the bed next to me and I slid off it, kneeling between his legs as my hand continued to work him. My second hand joined the first, and I stroked his cock for a few minutes, loving the way he moaned as I touched him.

I had never sucked a cock before, and wasn’t sure how to start, but I knew that I really wanted to. Mark wanted me to suck him too, because he started reaching for my hair and guiding my mouth towards the tip of his dick. I started with a kiss, but then I parted my lips and allowed him to push me down on him. His cock tasted so good, sweet and a little salty. I let my tongue glide along the underside of his shaft as I made my way up and down his dick. When I got to the tip I sucked the head of his cock, which made him moan for me and made me feel proud of myself.

After about five minutes he started to breathe heavily and told me to stop because he didn’t want to come yet. He asked me to stand up for him, so I did. I took of the rest of my clothing when he asked, and he masturbated while I stripped for him.

I stepped closer to Mark, and he reached out and hooked his fingers downward to touch my pussy. He said he couldn’t believe how wet I was, and then he slid two fingers inside me. His fingers were thick and it was a tight fit, but it felt so fucking good especially as he began to pump his fingers in and out of me as his thumb played with my clit. I wrapped my arms around him and his teeth nipped at my nipples, and it wasn’t long until I felt my pussy tighten around his digits and I squealed for him. My legs felt weak as I came, but he kept fingering me until I sat on his thigh, straddling it.

Mark told me to sit on his cock. Even though I wanted him to fuck me so bad, I was a little nervous. I’ve never done anything like this, and was afraid it would hurt because some of my friends said it did. But his fingers felt so good that I didn’t care. I stood up and positioned myself over his dick. He held it steady as I eased myself onto it. I whimpered a little, and he told me to stop a few times so my pussy could adjust to how big his dick was, but it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would. Within a minute or so I had his whole cock inside me, and it felt so amazing I thought I would cum again right then and there!

Soon he was pushing me up and down his dick harder and faster. I could hear his cock slamming into me and his balls slapping against my wet pussy, and every time his cock pumped into me I moaned for him. Mark reached down between us and flicked his thumb over my clit again, and soon after that I came around his dick, my pussy pulsing around him hard and fast. I muffled my moans against his shoulder, because the last thing I wanted was daddy hearing us!

As I came a second time for Mark, his breathing got real heavy again and I knew he was going to come soon. I clenched my pussy around him and called him Daddy, and that’s when I felt his hot come shooting into me, deep into my pussy. He forced my hips down and kept me still as he emptied himself into my tight little pussy, and I moaned for him the whole time as I bit into his shoulder.

Mark got dressed soon afterwards, and before he left he kissed my cheek and said we should play again sometime.

I always looked forward to his visits, after that.